Kent A. Feldman, DPM, foot surgery in San diego

Our long term goal is to find and treat the CAUSE of your foot and ankle problems.  Our short term goal is to rapidly alleviate your discomfort.

practice overview


We use the most sophisticated in-office imaging,  low radiation  weight bearing 3D CT.  This allows Dr. Feldman to review 3 dimensional images of your feet and ankles, CT slice images and radiographic reconstructions. 3D CT improves foot surgery in San Diego.

Regenerative Medicine

For chronic conditions such as plantar fasciitis (fasciosis) and Achilles tendinitis (tendinosis) Dr. Feldman uses a variety of regenerative techniques such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), placental stem cells and extracorporeal shock wave therapy.  Over the past 10 years Dr. Feldman has been an FDA clinical research site for PRP and placental stem cell studies.


Dr. Feldman is Board Certified in Foot Surgery by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery.  As our practice is technology driven, Dr. Feldman uses state of the art surgical technology.  Dr. Feldman believes the future of foot  and ankle surgery is the merging of 3D imaging and surgical customization.  Dr.  Feldman has U.S. patents issued in the area of surgical customization based upon 3D imaging..

sports medicine


There are many more foot problems that arise from chronic overuse and poor foot function as compared to acute injuries.  The key to managing overuse injuries is  an understanding of abnormail biomechanics and using over-the-counter arch supports or custom foot orthotics to provide adequate support.

Return to Play

One of the difference between "sports medicine" and "medicine" is the desire to return to play as quickly as possible.  Dr. Feldman understands your desire to get back on the field or court ASAP and will do everything possible to help you safely achieve your objective.

Integrated Care

To be an effective sports medicine provider there must be open and honest communication between the player, parents, coaches, trainers, therapists and physicians.  Ultimately, sports medicine is a team sport.