Dr. Feldman provides a wide spectrum of foot care including the managment of foot rashes and ingrown toenails.

Acute Injuries


We manage most foot injuries from sprains and strains to fractures and dislocations.  In office 3D CT allows for rapid diagnosis of most fractures and dislocations.  MRI is utilized for more complicated soft tissue injuries.

Foot Surgery


Dr. Feldman performs the most common foot surgeries on a regular basis, including bunionectomies, repair of crooked or dislocated toes, hammertoes, neuroma excision, management of flat feet, trauma, diabetic care and management of arthritic joints.

Diabetic Foot Care


Diabetic patients are at great risk of foot wounds, and infections of soft tissue and bone.  Risk increase with neuropathy (numbness) and poor circulation.  Dr. Feldman performs the full scope of diabetic foot care.

8-oxo-dG Testing


One of the greatest causes of aging and systemic disease is oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress damages cellular membranes (fats), proteins , RNA and DNA.  8-oxo-dG is a biomarker of DNA oxidation (damage) that can be measured in blood or urine.  

Community Affiliations


Dr. Feldman is a participating provider in Sharp Community Medical Group.  He is an attending staff physician and surgeon at Sharp Memorial Hospital, the Sharp Outpatient Pavilion Surgery Center and a partner of  UCSD Surgical Center of San Diego.




Dr. Feldman performs the full scope of bunion surgery from simple to complex.  The goal of bunion surgery is to anatomically realign the first metatarsophalangeal joint, including the sesamoid bones.  Pre-operative evaluation with weight bearing 3D CT allows for better evaluation of the metatarsal-sesamoid relationship.  Surgical under-correction of the metatarsal-sesamoid relationship is a common cause of failed bunion surgery.

Hammertoe Repair


If you have pain over the toe knuckles, the tips of your toes or between your toes, you may manage your symptoms with a change in shoes, pads or toe straightening surgery.

MTP Joint Dislocation


When the 2nd toe crosses over the big toe a simple surgical fix usually fails.  Dr. Feldman uses the weight bearing 3D CT to identify abnormal metatarsal length, identify subtle subluxation or dislocation and then creates a surgical plan.  Surgery typically involves shortening the metatarsal, repairing torn plantar and lateral tissues and transferring the flexor tendon.



Conservative management of Morton's Neuroma is highly effective.  Should conservative management fail, and should the patient decide to proceed with surgery, nerve excision is highly effective.



The most common area of arthritis within the foot is the "big toe" joint.  Dr. Feldman first attempts to preserve the joint with spur excision, microfracture techniques and joint decompression.  If the joint is "bone-on-bone" he performs joint replacement (Arthrosurface or Cartiva) or joint fusion procedures.

Flatfoot Correction


When foot orthotics cannot control your pain the next step might be surgical flat foot correction.  A combination of procedures are often performed to realign the heel and repair damaged tendons and ligaments.